Give Back to the Bays

Here are some opportunities for you to "give back to the bays"!


Horseshoe crab Fundraising Campaign

Help our “New York State Horseshoe Crab Monitoring Network”, a collaboration between volunteers, CCE’s Marine Program, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, by supporting our fundraising campaign! This crucial program that allows volunteers to directly participate in conservation efforts of this important species by collecting valuable scientific data at sites at 25 sites around Long Island. This campaign is intended to raise funds for the program by encouraging our dedicated volunteers at each site to compete for donations. Learn how you can help this important initiative!

Stewardship Site Sponsorships

Give back to the waters that you hold near and dear to your heart! Stewardship opportunities allow the public to get involved with our habitat and shellfish restoration work by providing the monetary support needed to: host eelgrass weaving workshops, conduct plantings of coastal grasses, culture clams, oysters and bay scallops for enhancement efforts and more!  Learn about our existing Stewardship Sites and how you can contribute or help create a new one in your area!

Facility Improvement Campaigns 

Support our Facility Improvement Fundraising Campaigns! We educate and inspire thousands of youth and adults annually at our educational facilities dedicated to marine science at our Marine Environmental Learning Center in Southold, NY and now at our new satellite location at Tiana Bayside in Hampton Bays, NY. Learn about these facilities and how you can help us continue important public programming by  helping us make needed upgrades to our Centers and exhibits.