Back to the Bays

Our waters are an integral part of life on Long Island, making it such a desirable place to live. Cornell Cooperative Extension's  Marine Program works to bridge the gap between scientists and the community by solving environmental challenges in our communities through applied research as well as restoration and enhancement or our marine resources. In order to offer communities, individuals, and businesses opportunities to help us expand our efforts, the Back to the Bays Initiative was born! Our goal is to increase stakeholder engagement in our water quality protection initiatives, habitat improvement projects, shellfish and finfish research and restoration and youth and community education experiences. By providing time, energy, and/or monetary support, local communities and individuals alike can play a significant part in the success and expansion of the many important initiatives of CCE’s Marine Program.

The Marine Program

The Marine Program, which became part of Cornell Cooperative Extension in 1985, is known and respected nationally and internationally. Its mission is to protect our waters, providing a clean environment for our fish, fowl and plants while helping those who depend on our marine resources remain sustainable. 

Our researchers and educators are busy working to inform Long Islanders how we can each do our part to safeguard our environment. Projects have been designed to bring back our once thriving eelgrass and shell fish populations, ensure our commercial fishing industry continues to thrive while limiting bycatch, provide public education about environmental consequences of storm water runoff, and introduce our young people to marine sciences and marine life on Long Island.